Gardening: How To Create A Wildflower Meadow In The Garden

Even more amazing is looking at them under a microscope at x20 magnification – this is how I check and identify seeds – tiny round seeds that look the same to the naked eye can be from several different species and will have a very different appearance when magnified x20 (free wildflower seeds 2021).

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However if you will have wild rabbits entering the seeded area then do protect it from them i. e. fence them out using rabbit netting, as they love young seedlings and will eat them before you even notice your seeds have germinated and you will end up with very few wild flower species or large bare areas (native wildflower seeds).

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There will then be a succession of different species germinating throughout the following months and the second year. Many of the perennials spend their first year bulking up their leaf growth and root structure and so flowering will be very limited during the first year. It is from the second year that you should expect flowering.

However do consider it a two year project to see wild flower presence, expect very little in the first year. I find it a good practice to also sow an additional 25% (compared to the woodland pack size purchased) with seed from one of my species rich open field mixes for clay or chalk soil (depending upon your soil type) when sowing my woodland mix, as where the shade is not too strong some of these wild flower species will germinate and flower much more quickly, usually from the first year giving you more interest and colour whilst you wait for the slower germinating specialist woodland species in the woodland mix to become established, it will also provide you with a greater diversity of wild flowers (free wildflower seeds 2021).

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Also see my collection by clicking here and my collection by clicking here. planting wildflower seeds in pots (free wildflower seeds). If you have created a wild flower area along a sunny woodland ride or glade and there is a good amount of grass present then treat your wild flower area like a hay meadow – cut it once a year and remove the cuttings.

Do this cutting towards the end of every year. For a small area that you can cut by hand with a strimmer or mower you can leave the cutting until late October (or whenever it’s looking sad and untidy). Larger areas will usually need to be cut earlier for practical reasons of getting machinery onto the land before it gets too wet but try to leave it as late as possible or you will miss out on a lot of the flowering.

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If it does you need to cut it lower and remove the cuttings. Most of the wild flower species in this mix are perennial and do not rely on their seed to survive, but continue year after year from their vegetative growth and so cutting any of these when still in flower will not damage the plant or the future of your wild flower area.

When Britain hosted the Olympics in 2012, I heard almost as many people talking about the colourful meadows at the Olympic site as about Sir Chris Hoy and Mo Farah. The perennial wildflower meadows in Stratford were the work of James Hitchmough, professor of the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield.



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